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Arkham's Airdrop And Intelligence Marketplace: Unveiling The Bounty

The recent airdrop conducted by Arkham has garnered significant attention, with over 47,000 addresses claiming a substantial number of ARKM tokens. This airdrop amounted to over $15 million, showcasing the immense interest and participation in Arkham's venture.

The ARKM token, which initially surpassed its IEO price, reached a remarkable fully diluted valuation of $800 million. Such a valuation signifies the high hopes and expectations surrounding the development of a marketplace for crypto intelligence. Despite facing some challenges, including criticism for incentivizing users to unveil their wallet addresses and a bug that exposed users' email addresses, ARKM has managed to remain resilient.

Notably, it has witnessed substantial trade volume, particularly in the Uniswap v3 ARKM/WETH pool. Additionally, Arkham has expanded its offerings with the launch of an AI-enabled oracle product, further enhancing its on-chain analysis capabilities.

This article aims to delve deeper into Arkham's airdrop, token performance, and valuation, as well as explore its new products and future events.

ARKM Token Airdrop

The ARKM token airdrop was successful, with over 47,000 addresses claiming 23.7 million tokens worth over $15 million, making it one of the largest gas guzzlers on the Ethereum chain.

The airdrop mechanics involved releasing the ARKM token to early entrants and beta testers. Participants were able to claim the tokens by providing their wallet addresses. The token distribution was significant, with a considerable number of addresses participating and receiving tokens.

The airdrop aimed to incentivize users and create awareness about the ARKM token and its potential value. The high number of tokens claimed demonstrates the interest and demand for the project. The success of the airdrop indicates a positive response from the crypto community and highlights the potential market value of the ARKM token.

Token Performance and Valuation

Token ARKM initially exceeded its IEO price and achieved a fully diluted valuation of $800 million before encountering sell pressure. Despite this sell pressure, ARKM remains up nearly 25% from its IEO price at $.66.

The marketplace for crypto intelligence, which ARKM is betting on, has seen significant growth with over $150 million in trade volume. The Uniswap v3 ARKM/WETH pool has emerged as the most popular trading pair.

Binance, which floated ARKM, implemented a token purchase hard cap of $15,000 to protect users from high volatility. The market has maintained liquidity with Wintermute acting as a market maker.

While some holders have sold their stakes on Binance or directly on-chain, ARKM's performance and valuation have remained relatively stable, indicating a positive market sentiment towards the token and the potential growth of the marketplace.

New Products and Future Events

Upcoming events such as the Permissionless II Hackathon and the Digital Asset Summit 2024, along with the introduction of AI-enabled oracle products, signal a forward-looking approach by ARKM in enhancing on-chain analysis and further expanding its offerings.

These events provide opportunities for ARKM to showcase its advancements in the field and connect with industry experts and stakeholders. The Permissionless II Hackathon allows ARKM to engage with developers and innovators in the blockchain space, fostering collaboration and potentially leading to the creation of new solutions or improvements to existing ones.

Additionally, the Digital Asset Summit 2024 serves as a platform for ARKM to share its knowledge and insights with a wider audience, gaining exposure and establishing itself as a thought leader in the industry.

The introduction of AI-enabled oracle products also highlights ARKM's commitment to leveraging advanced technologies to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of on-chain analysis. These products have the potential to provide valuable benefits such as improved data quality, real-time monitoring, and predictive analytics, empowering users to make informed decisions in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market.

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